Fortune 500 company Avery Dennison (Avery Dennison) and Internet startups EVRYTHNG reached an important deal, intended to "connect" the apparel industry.   The next 3 years, there will be at least 10 billion pieces of clothing and footwear has a unique digital identity and data in the cloud. Both companies claimed that the deal would be the largest number of access Internet of things products of individual deals.   EVRYTHNG is 3 round of financing of $ 14.5 million, financed from including Atomico, Dawn 6 investors, Capital, and Cisco.   This is just like after the scale of the Internet of things.   But what this means? ' so to speak, which means that from some of the world's largest fashion and functionality of the 10 billion pieces of clothing and footwear brand products can access smart phone, which opens the appropriate application and services.   In addition to workshops for these brands to interact with consumers, and this collaboration also allows consumers to interact with the products they buy, to unlock personal digital content, services, products, and so on, or connected to a third-party application with additional incentives and benefits. Not only does this open up a wealth of new possibilities for the enterprise, while buying clothes this is getting even more interesting.