At present, there are a considerable number of cultural enterprises is the use of the traditional business model, information service capacity is very poor, can not meet consumer demand. After several years of exploration and accumulation, our RFID smart ticketing solutions for large-scale cultural activities, the resort offers management tools of modern management, improve the management level.

  Second, the system components

  2.1, ticket management system

  Our ticket management system based on B / S system architecture and Web Service technology, the use of computer network technology, communication technology, non-contact IC card technology and advanced face recognition technology to provide modern management tools for the management of scenic spots, to improve the quality and management level.

  2.2 inspection system

  Inspection system is divided into tourist inspection, and inspection tour guide line inspection, the main function as follows:

  1) audit

  Audit information is through the RFID handheld terminal maneuvering to remote identification of visitors in the hands of the ticket ID number is bound to face in order to determine whether the ticket looks, a visitor match, avoid free riders, or multiple admission tickets others borrowed phenomenon.

  Audit is to maneuver through RFID handheld terminal to guide long-range identification card recognition within the relevant information to be compared in the scenic tour of the database and pass in order to determine the identity of the tour and return RFID handheld terminal, this function can effectively prevent false guides, tour guides flooding in the black area.

  Resorts line inspection is through fixed RFID reader sign in identity cards and guides on the line, the line can tour guide service personnel attractions residence time for effective monitoring, effectively preventing guide service personnel arbitrarily changed video, dumped attractions , shrinking travel and other bad behavior.

  2.3, a loss prevention system

  Anti-loss system is the use of RFID identification technology, visitors will be more than a ticket bound together by management background, which if lost tourists, others may find out who lost information management office through their own RFID tickets, and travel through the track tracking and positioning system, to quickly find the lost person. This system is suitable for family groups, especially families with children, travel groups, self-help travel groups.

  2.4, traffic control systems

  Resorts traffic control system is the use of RFID technology within the scenic passenger total control of all the attractions and scenic spots in traffic control, which can effectively control and protect the scenic resort service degradation caused by excessive flow of the scenic environment.

  2.5, tour trace tracking and positioning system

  Tour trace tracking and positioning systems is the use of RFID technology for effective coverage through reasonable layout RFID reader multi entire area that can be achieved within the scenic tourist carrying RFID tracking and positioning.

  2.6, intelligent navigation system

  Intelligent navigation system based on RFID advantages of autonomous recognition, and the current rapid development of Internet and 3G networks, the design of intelligent guide system based on RFID and the Internet. Using this system, no matter by what route visitors to play, the system can intelligently positioned for tourists, and where the attractions personalize explain. So that visitors really enjoy autonomy and professional travel services.

  2.7, fixed asset management and anti-theft system

  Fixed asset management, fixed assets can achieve unified management of scenic spots, the relevant departments in real-time grasp the purchase of fixed assets, usage. Acquired assets timely registration, matching RFID tags. Headquarters Division, superior to subordinate inventory inventory may by inquiry found problems that may occur, and the organization of specialized personnel to focus on inventory, so there is a strong targeted, fixed asset management system, statistical analysis can be easily changes to learn movement of fixed assets, timely deployment of resources.

  2.8 Staff Access Control Systems

  After establishing a good scenic tourist ticket system, while using the corresponding RFID card system, face recognition systems and access control systems for scenic staff Access Control function, which can not only ensure the safety of scenic spots, but also for employees and effective management .

  Third, the system features

  1) long-range automatic identification;

  2) automated management Tourist information;

  3) automated management of interest information;

  4) to eradicate the tourism market long-standing ills;

  5) improve enterprise management level, service level and market efficiency;

  6) ensure the rapid development of tourism.